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Hello, friends! About 4,500 years ago, a wonder of the world was built in Egypt that continues to amaze people even today “The Great Pyramid of Giza.” With a height of 147 meters, this remained the tallest structure in the world for over 4,000 years. Heavy stones were used to build the pyramids and it is said to weigh 6 million tons compared to the present-day tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, which weighs a mere 500,000 tons. The question that left people dumbstruck was how it was built. Back then, people did not have cranes, bulldozers, or modern technology. They did not even have wheels. Even so, they built a monument that still stands. Can you imagine a structure standing for over 4,500 years through the hot summers, storms, torrential rains, and weathering? There is no other surviving structure as old as this and as big as this. How this was made possible? Come; let us understand the mystery of the pyramids in this post. The Great Pyramid of Giza The Great Pyramid is arg


Antarctica is the only continent, which is not a country, does not have a government, nor any indigenous tribals living there for ages because it is the coldest continent in the world. The temperature can go as low as minus 89°C. Additionally, it is also the windiest place on Earth with snowstorms at a speed of 300 km/hr. It can blind you.   Antarctica is also the world's driest continent, so you might be surprised to know that it is considered a desert. There is only around 51mm of rain here, and even when it rains, it turns into snow before reaching the ground. Therefore, in a way, Antarctica is the only place on Earth with little to no influence from humans. However, it does not mean that countries all across the world have not tried to take over Antarctica. Countries like France, Norway, Australia, Britain, Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand claim various parts of Antarctica. In today's article, let us know Antarctica's interesting geopolitics and history.   An


There are many dangerous creatures were found on the earth. Snake is such a creature that everyone avoids coming in front of it, even if it is nonpoisonous. Think what would happen if you ever encounter such a dangerous creature, which is poisonous. It is obvious that it will cost your life. Today we are going to tell you about 10 such poisonous snakes of the world, which will blow your senses. So let us talk about such 10 most venomous snakes in the world.   INLAND TAIPAN Inland Taipan is a poisonous snake commonly known as Western Taipan or as a fierce snake . Although this snake is small in size, it is very poisonous. This dangerous species is mainly found in Australia. This snake likes to live in forests away from the human population. If it comes in front of a person then it is difficult to save him. It is said that one bite of Inland Taipan contains up to 100 mg of poison, which is so deadly that it can put a hundred people to sleep at once.   INLAND TAIPAN The poison of


In today's time, when we are sitting in our homes, or going out for some work, then we feel very comfortable and safe. This is because we know that our area is quite safe, and we can easily complete our tasks. However, do you know that there are many such dangerous countries in the world, where people living there have a strange fear all the time, that there is no guarantee of what will happen to them? The environment of these countries is very bad, and the citizens living here have to think for their own safety. Today we know about such top 10 dangerous countries, where it is very difficult to live in itself.   North Korea Living in this country is like playing with the fire itself. No one would like to go to this country even in his or her dreams. North Korean dictators have run this country for years. If any citizen of the country opposes the government, then that person is given the harshest punishment. This country has also made many strict rules for its citizens. If