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Despite the fact that technology has reduced the size of the world, there are still unexplored and off-limits locations that you cannot visit. The fact that so many places around the world have been created by humans and are protected by environmental science prevents outsiders from entering, which is why all these places have become mysterious. Therefore, let's travel to learn about these locations and their secrets. ISE GRAND SHRINE, JAPAN The Ise Grand Shrine is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu and is situated in the city of Taiki (Taiki-choi) , which is a town in the Watarai District of Mie Prefecture, Japan. Common people are not permitted to visit this temple. There are approximately 125 moderate Shinto shrines and two major shrines at the Ise Grand Shrine, Maiko and Geisha (Geiko) . It was established in 4 BC, and Maiko and Geisha followed in the 3rd century and 5th centuries, respectively. No iron nails were used in constructing this temple's build


  Today we will explain the Konark Temple of God Surya (Sun) located in Odisha and its related stories and secrets. Dedicated to the God Sun, the temple derives its name from the two words Kon and Arka, Kon meaning corner and Arka meaning Sun. It means corner of God Sun. It is known as the Sun Temple of Konark. It is famous for its grandeur and excellent craftsmanship; some even call it the eighth wonder of India. It has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1984. Lord Surya’s Mandir is located in Konark, about 37 km from Puri city on the banks of river Chandrabhaga which is in Odisha, India. This temple is completely built for Lord Surya, so you will see the structure of this temple and the artefacts related to Lord Surya. It was built by Narasimhadeva, the first king of the Ganga dynasty, in the middle of the 13th century between 1236 and 1264 AD. Mainly sand, granite stones, and precious metals have been used in the construction of this temple. This temple was


There are strange and odd species of trees and plants in this world. You'll be surprised when you know that. Some trees make our earth beautiful and unique. Upon seeing them, you can only say, "Wow!" What a thing, God, you have made. So let's identify the trees that are so unique, amazing, and appealing. In today's article, we'll talk about some gorgeous trees from throughout the globe. This will make you aware of how many beautiful and amazing trees there are in the world and spark your interest in seeing them up close. Rainbow Eucalyptus :   You must have seen thousands of species of trees but not like this tree. This tree is famous by the name a rainbow tree and this tree can grow only in a few countries. This tree is found in the tropical forest of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. The name of this tree is rainbow eucalyptus. Its specialty is that it looks beautiful and colorful like a rainbow. That is why we also know it by the name of the most


Have you ever heard of a magnificent temple carved out of one stone? If not, let's learn about it today in this blog. There is such a temple located in Aurangabad (India) famously known as Kailash Temple, which is considered very mysterious in itself. Its specialty is that this temple is not famous for any of its miracles but because of its construction. Yes, archeologists believed that this temple is about 1900 years old and some consider it to be 6000 years old. Not only this but it is also said that if someone wants to build such a temple exactly, it will take at least more than 200 years. But what is so special about this temple? The special thing about Kailash temple is that it took about 150 years to prepare this giant temple, while some people say that this temple was completed in just 18 years and is not possible in today's time. Let us tell you that in the construction of the temple, about 7000 laborers worked continuously on it. The Kailash Temple of Ellora is loca


 The ice caves of Iceland are probably among the most spectacular vistas the planet has to offer. They are among nature's most amazing and captivating wonders. Technically speaking, an ice cave is just an ordinary cave with a lot of ice inside it. When meltwater flows beneath or through a glacier melting the ice and creating tunnels or passageways within the glacier, the formation of ice caves occurs. The ice on the glacier's surface melts in the summer due to the warmer weather and sunlight. This meltwater flows into sinkholes and moulins or downward through ice holes. Water can flow down these shafts, which are frequently practically vertical, and reach the glacier's base. Most people who have never seen a glacier would not realize how big the channels or conduits are. They can reach the glacier's base and assist it to move by being up to 30 feet broad. Vatnajökull Ice Cave Many of the ice caves in Iceland were created by a mixture of subglacial flows brought on by