In today's time, when we are sitting in our homes, or going out for some work, then we feel very comfortable and safe. This is because we know that our area is quite safe, and we can easily complete our tasks.

However, do you know that there are many such dangerous countries in the world, where people living there have a strange fear all the time, that there is no guarantee of what will happen to them? The environment of these countries is very bad, and the citizens living here have to think for their own safety.

Today we know about such top 10 dangerous countries, where it is very difficult to live in itself.


North Korea

Living in this country is like playing with the fire itself. No one would like to go to this country even in his or her dreams. North Korean dictators have run this country for years. If any citizen of the country opposes the government, then that person is given the harshest punishment. This country has also made many strict rules for its citizens. If a citizen does not follow any rule, then he is punished, which also includes the death penalty.

The country of North Korea makes its policies within itself, and it has nothing to do with the rest of the country and the world. If any country opposes them, then the North Korean government directly threatens to attack them. This country has also made many nuclear weapons, which they keep testing and exhibiting from time to time so that they can show their dictatorial power to other countries. The direct effect of these dictatorial forces is only on the citizens there, and they have to spend their lives under the shadow of fear.



This country is also considered one of the most dangerous countries and places in the world. This country has seen many internal wars to date in which thousands of people have died, including a large number of children. Many attacks are carried out by Taliban terrorist organizations in Afghanistan, due to which many people die. There is an atmosphere of fear in the people of this country all the time.

Ever since the 2001 terrorist attack in America, the US army has been stationed here, and the internal war between its army and Taliban attackers always continues. Afghanistan has more people killed by war and terrorism than any other country in the world.



The name of this country also ranks high on the list of most dangerous countries. The Syrian civil war has plagued the country since March 2011 and is considered the second deadliest war of the 21st century. The terrorist organization ISIS has completely ruined this country. Due to all these civil wars, lakhs of people died there, including thousands of children.

Here the use of small arms, tanks, chemical weapons, artillery and aircraft is done openly at the peak of the war. All of this has caused some 6 million people to flee Syria and an equal number of people have been internally displaced.



It is considered the fourth most dangerous country in the world. Both internal and external conflicts continue in Iraq. Many attacks are carried out here by the terrorist organization ISIS. Here the work of capturing and killing the common people and the soldiers of the Iraqi army is done continuously by the terrorists. Apart from this, many human rights are violated here.

Especially those who come here from America to Iraq are most at risk of violence and kidnapping. For this reason, many countries have issued an alert to their citizens to think thousand times before going here.


South Sudan

South Sudan is also included on the list the of most dangerous countries. This country is very infamous due to excessive civil strife and a high crime rate. Robberies, assaults, carjackings, murders, and kidnappings are rampant here. Due to this, the life of the people living here remains very bad. There is also an armed fight between the government and its opponents.

Outside Juba, the capital of the country, neither law nor law order works, due to which the crime rate has become so high here. Here the places bordering the neighboring countries are considered more dangerous. Additionally, South Sudan is also at high risk for climate disasters.



Living in this country is also not free from any danger. In this country, civil wars are raging, due to which a large number of people die, in which many children and young people are also involved. Due to such a bad situation, an atmosphere of fear prevails among the people. The Yemeni Civil War started in 2015 between two factions.

Due to all these wars in Yemen, the life of the people has been badly affected. According to a report by the United Nations, more than 4 million people have left their homes in Yemen so far, and more than 14 million people are living in danger of starvation and getting infected with some serious disease. About 80% of Yemen's population is in dire need of humanitarian assistance.



Somalia is the next name on the list of dangerous countries. Kidnappings are common in almost every part of the country. Criminals openly commit this crime here.

There have also been numerous terrorist attacks in the area, so there is always the risk of attacks on international airports, government buildings, hotels, and restaurants. These attacks primarily target government officials, foreigners, and United Nations personnel. Aside from these, Somalia is severely affected by food shortages and drought due to the country's unstable environment.



Libya is ranked as the world's eighth most dangerous country. So far, Libya has seen high levels of crime, civil unrest, kidnappings, armed conflict, and terrorism. Civil forces fighting for territory and resources cause the majority of the violence in Libya. Many people have died because of the violence. The terrorist organization ISIS also conducts numerous attacks here, killing a large number of civilians and security personnel.

Because of such unrest, the country's atmosphere remains tense and tense. As a result, the people's lives there have deteriorated significantly. Tripoli, as well as other major cities such as Suman, Al-Jufra, Misrata, Ajdabiya, and Benghazi, continue to be the scene of frequent fighting between militias and terrorist attacks. As a result, thousands and lakhs of people have died up to this point. A large number of women and children are also present.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

This country's name is also on the list of the world's most dangerous countries. This country faced a dangerous Ebola epidemic a few years ago, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 2200 people died as a result of this disease. Because of the violence in the DRC, it was also difficult for health workers to care for Ebola patients and their ability to work was hampered.

In addition, demonstrations are common in cities across the country, and they frequently turn violent. Armed home invasions, robberies, and assaults are also common, and police are severely under-resourced to respond to crime effectively. A large number of civilians and police officers are killed as a result of these crimes.


Central African Republic

This country is also regarded as a very dangerous place to live. Despite the signing of a peace agreement in 2017, the country's chaos continues to grow and spread. The main source of unrest in this country is the conflict between two groups known as Seleka rebels and the Anti-Balaka militia.

More than 600,000 people were internally displaced as a result of the conflict, and approximately 800,000 fled to neighbouring countries as refugees. Aside from these, violence, looting, and human rights violations are common throughout the country. As a result, the people's lives there are extremely difficult.


So far, we have learned about the states of these countries and the types of people who live there. After knowing all of this, we should take a careful look around us and assess how the environment around us is, and if everything appears to be in order, we should thank God that we were not born in any of the countries where people's lives are deteriorating.

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