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Have you ever heard of a magnificent temple carved out of one stone? If not, let's learn about it today in this blog. There is such a temple located in Aurangabad (India) famously known as Kailash Temple, which is considered very mysterious in itself. Its specialty is that this temple is not famous for any of its miracles but because of its construction. Yes, archeologists believed that this temple is about 1900 years old and some consider it to be 6000 years old. Not only this but it is also said that if someone wants to build such a temple exactly, it will take at least more than 200 years. But what is so special about this temple? The special thing about Kailash temple is that it took about 150 years to prepare this giant temple, while some people say that this temple was completed in just 18 years and is not possible in today's time. Let us tell you that in the construction of the temple, about 7000 laborers worked continuously on it. The Kailash Temple of Ellora is loca