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There are strange and odd species of trees and plants in this world. You'll be surprised when you know that. Some trees make our earth beautiful and unique. Upon seeing them, you can only say, "Wow!" What a thing, God, you have made. So let's identify the trees that are so unique, amazing, and appealing. In today's article, we'll talk about some gorgeous trees from throughout the globe. This will make you aware of how many beautiful and amazing trees there are in the world and spark your interest in seeing them up close. Rainbow Eucalyptus :   You must have seen thousands of species of trees but not like this tree. This tree is famous by the name a rainbow tree and this tree can grow only in a few countries. This tree is found in the tropical forest of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. The name of this tree is rainbow eucalyptus. Its specialty is that it looks beautiful and colorful like a rainbow. That is why we also know it by the name of the most