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 The ice caves of Iceland are probably among the most spectacular vistas the planet has to offer. They are among nature's most amazing and captivating wonders. Technically speaking, an ice cave is just an ordinary cave with a lot of ice inside it. When meltwater flows beneath or through a glacier melting the ice and creating tunnels or passageways within the glacier, the formation of ice caves occurs. The ice on the glacier's surface melts in the summer due to the warmer weather and sunlight. This meltwater flows into sinkholes and moulins or downward through ice holes. Water can flow down these shafts, which are frequently practically vertical, and reach the glacier's base. Most people who have never seen a glacier would not realize how big the channels or conduits are. They can reach the glacier's base and assist it to move by being up to 30 feet broad. Vatnajökull Ice Cave Many of the ice caves in Iceland were created by a mixture of subglacial flows brought on by