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There are many misconceptions about wandering souls in every corner of the world. Many people have felt it and many people have also claimed to have seen it themselves. People have different opinions about how much truth is there in the existence of these souls wandering as ghosts. However, the presence or absence of ghosts has always been a matter of curiosity. In this age of science, we have always denied their existence, but there are many people who have experienced this fear. The reality is that even in real life there are many such places where there have been talks about ghosts. There are hundreds of such places, but here we will tell you about five such places in the world that will haunt you.   Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia   Junee, New South Wales, Australia is home to the famed Monte Cristo homestead. This princely state has been listed among Australia's spookiest and most haunted locations. The explanation for this is that numerous tragic ev