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Despite the fact that technology has reduced the size of the world, there are still unexplored and off-limits locations that you cannot visit. The fact that so many places around the world have been created by humans and are protected by environmental science prevents outsiders from entering, which is why all these places have become mysterious. Therefore, let's travel to learn about these locations and their secrets. ISE GRAND SHRINE, JAPAN The Ise Grand Shrine is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu and is situated in the city of Taiki (Taiki-choi) , which is a town in the Watarai District of Mie Prefecture, Japan. Common people are not permitted to visit this temple. There are approximately 125 moderate Shinto shrines and two major shrines at the Ise Grand Shrine, Maiko and Geisha (Geiko) . It was established in 4 BC, and Maiko and Geisha followed in the 3rd century and 5th centuries, respectively. No iron nails were used in constructing this temple's build