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Antarctica is the only continent, which is not a country, does not have a government, nor any indigenous tribals living there for ages because it is the coldest continent in the world. The temperature can go as low as minus 89°C. Additionally, it is also the windiest place on Earth with snowstorms at a speed of 300 km/hr. It can blind you.   Antarctica is also the world's driest continent, so you might be surprised to know that it is considered a desert. There is only around 51mm of rain here, and even when it rains, it turns into snow before reaching the ground. Therefore, in a way, Antarctica is the only place on Earth with little to no influence from humans. However, it does not mean that countries all across the world have not tried to take over Antarctica. Countries like France, Norway, Australia, Britain, Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand claim various parts of Antarctica. In today's article, let us know Antarctica's interesting geopolitics and history.   An